VB: Square and Square Root of Given Number Using Radio Button

Tip Abstraction:
        This visual basic program shows how to find square and square root of a given number using two radio buttons

Program to Implement Multiple Inheritance in C++

Tip Abstraction:
       This is a simple C++ program to implement Multiple Inheritance with sample example and output

Program to Find Factorial of a Number Using Stack

Tip Abstraction:
        This is a data structure program to find out the Factorial of a given number using stack operation

C  C++ Program to convert and display an amount to different currency notes

This C program will accept an amount, and will convert and display that amount as currency notes...

For example:
If amount is: 123
We can write amount 123 as :

Area of Rectangle, Circle and Triangle in C Program
Finding the area of rectangle, circle, or triangle is one of common questions in C practical examination. Finding the area of circle, rectangle and triangle may in a same question or question may ask you find area of anyone of above shape.

This is a C program to find area of a rectangle, circle and triangle in a same program. You can separate this program as your needs.

Ø Manually we can find the area of a rectangle by using equation:

          Area = Breadth * Length.

      Calculating electricity bill using C program is a common question in C. We have already learnt the working of IF loop in a previous lesson. So this program use the IF-Else Ladder condition.

Here there are two types of program to find the amount of electricity bill.

We already leant about nested if-else statement in a previous lesson. Where, an ‘if statement’ contains another ‘if statement’. Like this, in nested loop, one loop contains another loop. It may be any type of loop, such as for, while and do –while.